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Compassion comes from an understanding and appreciation of others' perspectives when they are different from your own.  We all have our own journey that is to be met with respect and tolerance.  It is this 'agape love' or love for all living things that breeds a compassionate heart.



Simply defined, integrity is both knowing and doing the right thing, though it is no simple matter.  It is consistently walking the path of honesty, transparency, & kindness.  This moral compass can be difficult to quantify, but you know it when you see it...when you feel it.  For a person with integrity is imbued with the ability to see the world with endless opportunity to do right by every one. 


"We don't accomplish anything in this life alone" -Sandra Day O'Connor  

A true measure of collaboration is the lengths we stretch in which to work with one another toward a common purpose, and achieve the goal in lock-step.  It requires trust, & open communication, and is ultimately never-ending.  The project may come to a close, but the collaborative spirit is always looking for ways to bring positive change together.


A servant leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of the people and communities in which they serve.  Where as the standard leader accumulates power at the top of the pyramid, the servant leader shares the power, while putting the needs of others first and providing an environment to encourage others to grow.


Philanthropy means "for the love of humanity", and yet this powerful concept encapsulates the very essence of society and life.  Why else are we here, but to learn, love and in-turn share these gifts with others.  Philanthropy is to give of ourselves--time, talent & treasure, and the ripple effect of positive change in both self and community is infinite. 

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